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The Poet's Corner



The first time I saw my father embrace

my mother was when she struggled through

cancer. Framed in my mind is a wild-haired

woman in a limp flannel gown, held stiffly

in Father’s heavy hands at the end of his three-

piece suit. Mother was a strong woman.

You are a lot like her. She struggled all her

life. Though it was unusual, she worked

on the Lakeshore Visitor, the Catholic news-

paper, with Monsignor. Later, she kept books

at the rectory, smoothing over the worries

of grammar, finances, and sin. Both my parents

worked on a paper. Later, when she no longer

could climb the stairs, she stayed in the living

room. At night, she turned around to undress.

She did not like her children or grandchildren

to see she had just one breast.

Lake Angela is a poet, translator, and choreographer living in Warrington, Bucks County. She holds a Ph.D. in the intersemiotic translation of poetry and dance from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her books include “Organblooms” and “Words for the Dead” (FutureCycle Press). Her work advocates for neurodivergence and schizophrenia spectrum creativity, and she welcomes visitors to

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