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Mensch bill approved by House Insurance Committee


The House Insurance Committee unanimously approved Senate Bill 595 introduced by state Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24).

Senate Bill 595 would require insurance coverage for MRIs and ultrasounds for women with dense breast tissue.

“There’s probably no bill I’ve been involved in that has more of a personal meaning to me,” said Mensch, “and I’m delighted we’ve been able to get the bill this far.”

Senate Bill 595 passed the Senate unanimously in January and has been the culmination of almost a decade of work. “When I first introduced the bill in 2011, I never thought I would still be working on it all these years later,” said Mensch. “While the bill has morphed and changed over the past years, I’m confident the version we have now ready to pass the House will help countless women in Pennsylvania.”

The bill stipulates that insurers must provide coverage in their plans for MRIs and ultrasounds to screen for breast cancer in women with high breast density. Originally introduced in the fall of 2011, Senate Bill 595 now would go to the House Appropriations Committee before a full vote of the House, which Mensch hopes will happen very soon.

“I’m confident this life-saving bill is one the House will advance quickly,” Mensch said. “We couldn’t have gotten this far without a lot of hard work and dedication, and certainly not without the help and advocacy of the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition, who have been helpful and involved since the very beginning.”