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McRory explores mood in show at Silverman Gallery


Desmond McRory’s “Blues and the Abstract Truth” will open at the Silverman Gallery in Buckingham Green Saturday, March 2.

Inspired by McRory’s love of jazz, his paintings are an exploration in mood. “It’s almost like music,” he says of his work. “Your perception becomes part of the piece. When paintings have that abstract, inclusive feel and when they are in a minor key – saturated colors like grays – they exude a spiritual feel.”

Many of McRory’s paintings are of the unspoiled countryside, similar to those that inspired the first Impressionists from Philadelphia.

“There’s a sense of mood here that artists love to capture, but you don’t see it as much in the sunny days. It’s in that early morning and late evening time of day when everything becomes hazy. That’s when you can really feel a sense of otherworldliness. Mornings, evenings, snow, rain, fog – that’s where the magic comes from.”

McRory’s show includes a variety of styles from abstract paintings created with “cold wax” technique to Impressionist landscapes. “There’s a divine element that’s trying to express itself through nature if you look closely enough,” McRory said, “and it’s that element I’m trying to portray in my work.”

Two opening receptions are scheduled for Saturday, March 2, from 5 to 8 p.m. and Sunday, March 3, from 1 to 4 p.m. In the event of snow, the receptions will move to the following weekend. The exhibition continues through April 14.

For information, call the gallery at 215-794-4300, or visit online.