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Matching challenge to save frail felines


Through Sept. 8 donations to Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary will be doubled for vulnerable cats. Tabby’s Place residents come from four continents and counting, with one common tale, extraordinary need.

As a haven for cats in hopeless situations, Tabby’s Place rescues little ones whose needs are too daunting elsewhere. The “Tabby’s Place promise” shelters each cat with the vow: You will have everything you need to thrive.

That promise saved Prescott, a Rhode Island stray with injuries deemed “incompatible with life.” Other shelters would not take a chance on the silver tabby, but Tabby’s Place would not turn her away. The Ringoes, N.J., sanctuary rushed Prescott to a hospital for intensive care, refusing to reject any cat as “impossible.” Against all odds, dawn brought news that Prescott had survived, another Tabby’s Place miracle.

But keeping this promise is costly, with veterinary expenses soaring due to inflation. Tabby’s Place drew on the Linda Fund, its critical reserve for emergency care, to save Prescott.

Many more cats will arrive in the months ahead.

The Linda Fund Matching Challenge seeks donations for lifesaving care. All gifts up to $150,000 will be matched, but only through Sept. 8.

To give, visit, or mail a check made out to “Tabby’s Place” to 1100 US Highway 202, Ringoes, NJ 08551.

For information, contact Development Director Angela Townsend at or 908-237-5300 x235.

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