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LSL Brands demonstrates commitment to sustainability


Lahaska-based LSL Brands is known for frequently making a positive difference in the local community.

However, the impact of its philanthropic endeavors has recently gone global.

The fashion-retail company has partnered with a brand named Tentree, which is committed to planting ten trees every time one of its items is sold.

In an effort to help preserve the planet, LSL Brands began selling Tentree clothing products in three of its shops; Fox & Holly and Village Outfitters located in Peddler’s Village, and Cotton Company located in Cape May. Within the past year, the company has helped in planting a total of 22,990 trees through Tentree.

The root of Tentree’s sustainability mission stems from an effort to reduce the harmful carbon emissions that poison the environment each day. While the brand plants Acacia trees in Senegal and Avocado trees in Haiti, Tentree focuses on planting mangrove trees in regions like Madagascar and Indonesia, due to the fact that mangrove trees in particular have special properties that allow them to be, “one of the most carbon sequestering trees in the world.”

Ultimately, Tentree’s partnership with LSL Brands demonstrates the local company’s dedication to sustainable business practices and reducing its carbon footprint in the age of rapid climate change.