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Local company offers curbside compost service


BCS Compost is working to make a difference in the community by turning spoils into soil.

BCS Compost is a curbside compost service that picks up food waste from residential and commercial businesses.

Customers receive a five-gallon sealable bucket that they fill with food waste and compostable material. BCS swaps buckets every week and turns their waste into organic soil. Customers receive their own soil or donate it to community gardens.

Composting, a process where organic waste biodegrades naturally into nutrient-rich soil, reduces waste sent to landfills and the amount of methane gases released into the atmosphere.

“We are never too small to make a big impact,” according to BCS Compost.

The company currently services the Hatboro-Horsham, Doylestown and Abington areas. To learn more, visit