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Local author Mark McNease pens third Lambertville mystery


Local mystery writer Mark McNease has released his third book set in Lambertville, N.J.

In “Open Secrets: A Maggie Dahl Mystery,” McNease offers the second installment in a series featuring widowed businesswoman Maggie Dahl, who’d moved with her late husband from New York City to start a new life and pursue their dreams.

In “Open Secrets,” a local essayist is about to release her second collection of essays describing life in a Delaware River town, and this one is about the people who live there. At least one of them doesn’t want their secrets revealed, and Maggie is soon engrossed again in the search for a killer.

Will she find the culprit among the townspeople? Will she uncover the enigmatic author’s own very dark secrets? And will she find love again as she slowly gets on with life as an unexpectedly single woman? Find out in “Open Secrets: A Maggie Dahl Mystery.”

McNease is the author of 10 novels, six produced plays, and dozens of short stories. He has won two Emmy awards as the co-creator of the children’s program “Into the Outdoors.” He enjoys setting his mysteries close to home, where murder is most unexpected. He lives with his husband and two cats in rural New Jersey.