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Library policy story example of bias


Not the only, but certainly one of the main reasons this country is so divided is the media, including the Bucks County Herald.

Your front page “news” article on the above referenced subject is a perfect example of partisan news reporting. There is not one single sentence outlining the opposing opinion in support of the new Central Bucks School Board Library Policy.

This article belongs on the editorial page not the front page of your newspaper. It is perfect example of biased, one sided reporting of the news. The headline is there to grab attention to only one side of the argument. On your Opinion & Editorial Page under the box titled “Send letters to he Herald” you state, “The Herald is a nonpartisan publication that aims to print only factual accounts.” One sided factual accounts.

This is not only evident in this “news” account, but also in your ongoing Chatterbox column on page 2 where a liberal opinion (which should be located on your Editorial & Opinion) page is presented weekly without a counter argument/opinion.

Please don’t chatter on about being nonpartisan and unbiased while your are nothing but partisan and biased.

Gary Fox, Doylestown