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Thoughts from an Epicure: Trying topnotch food a travel perk


Patti and I enjoy traveling by car. We’ve driven across the country several times and up and down the East Coast, but don’t travel as much as we used to. Along with seeing this beautiful country’s landscapes and meeting new people, we get to try different foods.

About 40 years ago, we had lunch at “the Route 40 diner” in Ohio. I asked the server for a glass of iced coffee. She had no idea what I wanted. I explained how to make it, which she did. When she brought it, she waited to see how I reacted, as though it was a rare and fine wine!

Another time, we ate at a roadside cafe in Wisconsin. I had the best Greek salad I ever have eaten. When I told our waitress how good it was, she said the owner was Greek. And, while visiting friends in Phoenix, we went to an eatery near South Mountain. The road was unpaved, the building not too promising. However, once inside, we were transported to Mexico. The jukebox and T.V. were blaring in Spanish, the menu in both English and Spanish. Their food was authentic and fantastic.

Recently, we drove to a friend’s home just north of Louisville, Ky. On the way back, we “discovered” a store at a truck stop called “LOVE.” It was convenient and clean. And, they served both hot and cold sandwiches, as well as fresh fruit, the way the old automats did. The difference was we didn’t put coins in a slot, but paid at the counter. The food was fresh and very tasty.

While in Kentucky, I had two dishes I’m going to try to duplicate. One was shrimp and grits with a “warm” red sauce, the other scalloped potatoes with cream cheese and small cubes of cooked ham. Both were delicious. If I’m successful with them, I’ll share recipes with our readers.


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