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Lew Larason: Thoughts from an Epicure Spontaneity wins the day


Some people plan nearly everything they do, while others live more spontaneously. I’m one of the former.

Whether it’s cooking a meal, any meal, or going on any sort of a trip, I like every move planned. I don’t like surprises. Instead, I like things to run smoothly.

However, we recently had a spontaneous event that was memorable and made me wonder about always planning every detail. Our good friends Tom and Sue had ordered two bat houses. They were coming to pick them up “between 10 and 11” on a Sunday morning. At around noon, Tom called to say they were running late.

He then asked what kind of hoagies we liked. When I asked why, he said they were bringing lunch. After a short discussion, we settled on turkey ones.

When they arrived, with masks, Sue was carrying a 2-foot-long hoagie, while Tom had cold beer and chips. We did our bat house business and went inside. We hadn’t seen each other for some time and so had a lot of catching up to do.

Eventually, someone said, “Let’s eat!” I got plates and glasses, while Patti got the cloth napkins – all we use in our home. I cut the hoagie into four equal pieces. It was very good, one of the best I’ve had. But the company was better. I think that was part of why the food tasted so good.

The laughter and stories went on and on, one followed by another. Patti always has Dove chocolates on hand. So, we passed them around and continued to enjoy ourselves. Finally, they had to leave. But those few hours had been special.

I think all of us would be happier if we could enjoy more spontaneous events. There’s no stress or worry. You just “go with the flow” and live in the moment. Try it!

Enjoy and stay safe.

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