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Lew Larason: Thoughts from an Epicure Happy Thanksgiving


Out of season vegetables and fruits usually aren’t on my shopping list. However, because of a special occasion, I bought some “fresh” asparagus. I noted it was from Peru. But it looked so good I couldn’t resist. It wasn’t!

Although it appeared to be fresh, it was dry. When I snapped off the bottoms, nearly one-third of each stalk came off. I steamed some that were tasteless, then sauteed some, also tasteless. Since I’m too frugal to throw out the rest, they will be eaten. However, I never will do that again. When I want an out-of-season veggie, I’ll find it in the frozen food aisle.

Yet, we’ve found that out of season watermelon from Mexico to be nearly as sweet as local in season melon. This past summer, we discovered how refreshing watermelon chunks are. As the season has changed, I’ve continued buying it because we keep enjoying it. Although mostly water, this melon is a great way to stay hydrated. Cold water is good, cold watermelon better!

As I was growing up through the tough 1930s and war years of the ’40s, Thanksgiving is the holiday I remember as the best. We always went to one of my aunt’s homes for the day. The house was warm and fragrant, mostly from roasting turkey. Everyone was happy and “dressed up.” All of my aunts always wore aprons while cooking or doing anything in the kitchen.

We usually were able to take home some of the leftovers. That was great. In those days, things were hard for our family. We did not always have quite enough food. So, it’s nice to have happy memories of our Thanksgiving holidays.

Patti and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! And, try not to overeat!

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