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Letters to the Herald

Letters deliver insinuations, not verifiable facts


I don’t have a problem with letters from individuals who have a different point of view ... if they clearly and honestly state why they believe their opinion is valid; however, as Stephen Hanover from Plumsteadville states in his letter published in the Sept. 22 issue: “ ... we see overlong letters inanely blasting Republicans.”

In too many cases, much of what is stated in these attack letters are phrases that deliver insinuations regarding one hot topic or another, yet never include any verifiable facts or truthful information.

As John Mathieu, a skilled journalist who spent much of his career as a radio news reporter, wrote in a letter published in the Herald a few weeks back: “No names, no numbers just blind repetition of a totally unsubstantiated narrative.” Frankly, any letter whose content cannot stand up to an independent fact-checker should not consume any space in the Herald or any other upstanding newspaper.

M.R. Taylor, Doylestown