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Letters to the Herald

Letter writer off the mark linking Real ID and voting


A recent letter (Shapiro would put mail-in ballots in the hands of non-citizens, Oct. 5) stated that with the new automatic voter registration, Gov. Shapiro “is proud to declare that all state inhabitants currently holding a Pennsylvania driver’s license will be mailed out a ballot for the upcoming 2024 election.”

The writer seems to make a leap of logic that now non-citizens having a PA Real ID driver’s license can vote in Pennsylvania.

A quick read of the Sept. 19 press release on the state website includes the word “eligible” nine times and specifies that eligible voters must “be a U.S. citizen for at least 30 days before the next election.”

Nowhere does it mention mail-in ballots and, as far as I can tell, Pennsylvania still requires that eligible voters have to make a request in order to receive a mail-in ballot.

The writer says, “So, while eligibility for a driver’s license does not require citizenship, having one allows you to vote.” No, it does not.

Megan Peterson, Solebury