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Letters to the Herald

Let’s bring a new culture of leadership to Pennridge


As a Republican candidate for School Board Director, I would like to speak on the importance of governing effectively. As a team, we will elect strong leaders who will establish lines of communication with board members while respecting Sunshine Laws.

This requires following the committee process; allowing ample time to read, research and comment on what will be presented to the public. Strong leaders are able to lead without creating a culture of fear. They respect teachers and administrators.

The goal is to bring a new culture to the board with respect for the community, especially during public meetings.

As I am a new candidate, I’ve been familiarizing myself with the PA School Code, which is the governing law, as well as our own school board policies.

Conducting a proper meeting needs to be a part of this new culture.

Holding an annual board retreat is a necessary process designed to bring unity and cohesiveness within the board.

We are a team with different ideas, opinions and skill sets. We are able to have discussions and come to agreements as we work on our campaign.

We will bring these valuable assets to the board and work with the existing directors to serve and protect our Pennridge community.

I feel we owe it to our students to provide ample opportunities to explore their strengths and expand their interests and allow teachers to teach our students how to accomplish this by allowing them to think for themselves. I look forward to serving with a strong, stable group of individuals that will provide the kind of leadership our community deserves.

Although I am part of a great team, this is my opinion and I speak only for myself.

Barbara Vees, Pennridge School Board Candidate

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