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Legislators show concerns over pipeline and quarry


U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and state Rep. Craig Staats urged the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to find an alternative location for Adelphia Gateway Pipeline’s Quakertown Compressor Station.

In addition, Fitzpatrick has sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf requesting that further redevelopment of the Rockhill Quarry be suspended until a more thorough environmental review can be conducted after asbestos was found on site.

“The location of the Quakertown Compressor Station is unacceptable because of its proximity to a residential area. This station will negatively impact our constituents’ property values, as well as their quality of life,” wrote Fitzpatrick and Staats. “It is our hope that FERC and Adelphia Gateway will find a new, appropriate, and safe location for the Quakertown Compressor Station.”

The Adelphia Gateway Pipeline project is converting an oil pipeline to a pipeline carrying domestically extracted natural gas. As the pipeline is retrofitted to safely carry natural gas, compressor stations are being built at points along the existing line.

The Quakertown Compressor Station, has raised concerns for its close proximity to a residential neighborhood.

Relating to the Rockhill Quarry, Fitzpatrick wrote: “While I appreciate the immediate moratorium of all mining, rock crushing and sizing, and all other activities related to the quarry, the seriousness of this test result cannot be overstated.”

On Dec. 7, the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) received notice from the proprietor of Rockhill Quarry regarding a positive test result for fibrous asbestos at the site. Subsequently, the DEP ordered all mining activities at the quarry to cease until DEP rescinds the order.