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Legislators promote toll reductions


State Sen. Steve Santarsiero (D-10), and state Rep. Perry Warren (D-31) held a press conference near the Scudder Falls Bridge interchange in Lower Makefield to announce SB 451 and HB 329, legislation that would alleviate some of the burden placed on Pennsylvania-based drivers and businesses whose tolls are used to build roads and bridges across the state.

SB 451 and HB 329 would provide a tax credit to cover 50 percent of a taxpayer’s toll-related expenses for the taxable year, up to $500. Tolls incurred while traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, as well as all toll bridges operating under the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission or the Delaware River Port Authority, would be eligible for the tax credit.

Also related to bridge tolls, Rep. Wendi Thomas (R-178) has created an online petition on her website to request the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC) reduce tolls for Pennsylvania residents who use the PA E-ZPass system when crossing the Scudder Falls Bridge.

Currently, only commuters using the New Jersey-based NJ E-ZPass transponder system will receive an additional commuter discount of 40 percent when making a minimum of 16 tolled trips across the Scudder Falls Bridge or other DRJTBC toll bridges within a calendar month.

PA E-ZPass holders will not receive this discount. To get the discount, current Pennsylvania users would have to purchase a second transponder.