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Latvians in Bucks and high expectations


Dear Friends,

Good morning and Merry Christmas from Mighty Betsy and me. First, did you see the article about “Tuba Christmas” in the Inquirer (Dec 8)? The headline read “Tuba Christmas will blow you away.”

There’s a picture of hundreds of musicians playing tubas, Sousaphones and euphoniums (baritones).

Years ago, I remember Steve Frederick leading bass brass players at the Lansdale train station during the Christmas season. Steve directed instrumental music at the North Penn high school in Lansdale. He also conducted our church choir in Quakertown.

When I read that Inquirer story, I thought about Steve.

“First offered as a single annual holiday show at the Franklin Institute in 1990, Tuba Christmas moved to the Kimmel Center atrium in 2001,” the article began The event attracts hundreds who line the stairs, fill the atrium and cheer the players.

And speaking about Christmas, last weekend, Pennsylvania’s political community invaded midtown Manhattan for the annual gathering of the Pennsylvania Society. It’s where politicians meet and size one another up for governor, Congress and the like. For example, will Sen. Pat Toomey mount a drive to succeed Tom Wolf as Pennsylvania’s governor in 2022?

Fifty years ago, I refused to attend the Pennsylvania Society meetings because it held them in New York City, not Pennsylvania. Wasn’t it enough of an insult that the Erie Canal (1821) had caused the downfall of Philadelphia by making it cheaper to transport goods from the midwest via the Great Lakes and Buffalo (N.Y.) to Albany and down the Hudson River to the “Big Apple”? Drat! Previously, Philadelphia had been the major East Coast city. Now, New York City has eclipsed the “city of brotherly love.”

No, the Pennsylvania Society should make a point of keeping its celebrations in the Keystone State. Instead, it should meet in Philadelphia, or Pittsburg, or Erie … even Harrisburgh. But not New York City.

Finally, one of Mighty Betsy’s and my “keepers” had an interesting observation about last week’s House of Representatives decision to impeach President Trump. Alice Agnew presides over Be Homecare, an organization which looks out for older folks like MB and me.

She makes sure that we have breakfast each day and take our pills.

Alice thinks that the House of Representatives should not have impeached the president. Instead, she believes that it should have waited for various federal courts to order the appearance of Trump administration officials like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former National Security Chief John Bolton, and White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to testify.

Make it harder for Republican legislators to defend President Trump, Alice says. When the American public gets all the testimony, won’t that bring increased public pressure to demand that their representatives in the House and the Senate convict and remove Donald Trump from office? That’s her argument.

Nancy Pelosi’s team disagrees. They believe that the courts will take too long to demand testimony. In the meantime, President Trump goes his merry way, behaving like a king with no restraints.

We’ll see how Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick votes. Will he decide to impeach the President? My bet is that the voters in his district would praise Fitzpatrick if he votes against the president. And should Fitzpatrick vote to support president Trump…will the voters turn against the congressman? I believe that they will.

Then again, as Mighty Betsy often says … “Charlie Meredith is often wrong, but never in doubt.”

Sincerely, Charles Meredith

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