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Lambertville students conduct dialogue about history

Lambertville area students and residents reflected on feminism, the Flood of 1955, the tumultuous 1960s, Vietnam and other issues for an interactive dialogue about local history in the context of national and international issues, curated by the Lambertville Historical Society for its 2019 scholarship program.

South Hunterdon Regional High School students asked questions about important subjects from the 1950s through the 1970s. Residents who lived in the Lambertville, N.J., area during that time replied. The students then reacted to the residents, explaining if the answers surprised them and added to or changed their understanding of Lambertville or their topics.

Featuring insightful analyses, remarkable recollections and trenchant observations about politics, the dialogue can be browsed by topic at:

South Hunterdon Senior Ethan Sirak was awarded the $500 scholarship.

“Ethan analyzed a significant national event in the local context in his well-written essay,” said Lauren Braun-Strumfels, who reviewed the students’ work for the scholarship.

“He gave pertinent examples and tied his research well with the responses from the residents,” added fellow reviewer, Nancy Campbell.

After the written dialogue was completed, four of the students and their families visited the James Wilson Marshall House to meet residents who had answered their questions.

The Lambertville Historical Society promotes, inspires and encourages the preservation and appreciation of Lambertville’s architecture and history through education, community involvement, and preserving and maintaining the James Wilson Marshall House.


The Lambertville Historical Society is the recipient of an operating support grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State.