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Letters to the Herald

Lambertville has a flooding problem


The only planned public meeting concerning a “stormwater utility” in Lambertville was held April 23. The meeting information was presented by ANJEC, Princeton Hydro and the mayor.

ANJEC is the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions. Environmental Commissions are municipal organizations composed of local volunteers who advise the local government on environmental issues.

Princeton Hydro is an engineering services firm. It is doing a feasibility study concerning a stormwater utility in Lambertville. This study has not been finished and has not been shared with community residents.

During the presentation, when asked what the cost of such a new utility would be to each resident, the public attendees were told that information was not known. When asked if that information would be provided to resident voters before a referendum that the mayor had identified would be proposed, the answer was “No.” It would not be provided.

This was the only public information meeting on the “timeline.”

It is clear that we need to take action to deal with flooding and it is clear that the necessary actions will cost money.

The budget draft we have does not identify storm water actions — maintenance of storm drains, for example. But days and weeks and months go by.

Lambertville must start to deal with this and not wait for a magical thinking.

Residents, please support the priority shifts as needed and the increased funding in this year’s budget that is necessary to start.

Judith Gleason, Lambertville

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