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Kin launches new spa and salon program to provide guests with free remote services


The nonprofit Kin Wellness and Support Center, which is dedicated to caring for local Bucks County cancer patients and their caregivers, recently unveiled a new remote care program with two leading spas and salons in Bucks County.

Under the current model Kin guests receive free services at Kin’s 5,000-square-foot facility in Buckingham Township. Many local experts are eager to give back, but traveling to Kin is not always convenient, so this remote program was put in place to be able to accommodate those who want to give and help as many in the cancer community as possible.

Now through the new remote program, Kin is able to send patients and caregivers to partner salons and spas to receive free treatments, which will provide greater access to more services and allow Kin to help even more people battling cancer. Each collaboration varies based on accessibility and needs. Karma Hair Design and Wellness Spa (formerly Yardley Day Spa) is offering weekly services to Kin guests and Doylestown Float Studio will provide monthly services.

“These unique partnerships were spawned through our successful Bucks County Spa and Salon Self-Care Month,” said Kristina Fenimore, director of Kin. “We were able to meet so many wonderful people running amazing businesses in Bucks County. So many people want to give back, but simply are limited on time, so creating our remote program, as an extension of our typical offerings here at Kin, is a beautiful way to get more people involved and a powerful way for us to help all of our Kin guests. My goal is to partner with more business and thoughtfully grow this program.”

Karma Hair Design and Wellness Spa will donate massage, facials and hair needs either in preparation of chemo or shaping styling post chemo, as well as touch ups and scalp treatments for caregivers, while Doylestown Float Studio donates monthly float therapy sessions in one of its meditative float pods.

Karma Hari Design and Wellness Spa owner Cheryl Vitow said, “The staff at Karma are fully embracing this collaboration. Everyone on our team has been touched by cancer in some way. The opportunity to make even a small change in the lives of those dealing with cancer is so meaningful to each of us and we are very grateful to be among the first to partner with Kin in this amazing program.”

“Kindness is contagious and we are honored to partner with Kin to continue to support local cancer patients and their families. Unity through community is everything,” said Migdalia Constante, owner Doylestown Float Studio.

If you run a local Bucks County based salon or spa and would like to provide services for Kin’s Remote Care Program, reach out to 267-544-5981 or email

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