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Letters to the Herald

Keep Tinicum pristine


After reading last week’s guest opinion about the most talked about bridge in the nation being renovated, I’m hoping the residents in Tinicum can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve expressed my opinion in the Herald and at township meetings several times as to what is PennDOT’s “hidden agenda.”

I was led to believe that the piers were beyond repair, but was later told they can be restored. The structural engineering groups need to make up their mind and determine “good” or “bad” piers.

If PennDOT’s goal is to make every bridge a two-lane bridge, then what was the Geigel Hill bridge rebuilt with only one lane?

Residents of Tinicum, if we allow PennDOT to do what it wants, we will end up with much more traffic on our scenic roads and an increase in noise and pollution.

Will traffic lights be the next step? My answer to this ongoing tale of the bridge is simple.

Rebuild the piers to current structural standards. There is technology available to accomplish this task.

Replace the existing deck and keep it a one-lane bridge.

Flare the eastbound side to accommodate larger vehicles.

When the need for maintenance and repairs arises, Tinicum can take over this expenditure. PennDOT has said in one of the meetings that its bridges last 75 years.

Whatever the results, we are going to have to live with it for years to come.

Let’s keep Tinicum pristine.

Mick Domiano, Ottsville

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