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Letters to the Herald

Justice40 invests in more productive citizenry


The Biden Administration established the Justice40 Initiative, a program designed to allocate 40% of climate-related investments to communities that have been historically left out of the planning and invariably are not on the receiving end of such initiatives.

I am referring to disadvantaged and impoverished communities including, Black, indigenous, and people of color. These communities have been neglected and, in many cases, deliberately left out having a voice in or receiving the aid from programs for decades.

Often these communities are also survivors of trauma that extends into the hundreds of years. There has to be a place in our nation for making sure that these communities receive a significant share of new, climate disaster-related programs such as flood mitigation assistance, drinking water remediation, and Healthy Homes grants that include lead removal and for some tribal communities ensuring there is running water that is clean, as well as indoor toilets.

In addition, making sure small farmers from these same groups of people are finally given the aid for their farms that other farmers easily access but has beyond their reach for too many years.

If our nation cannot accept and address that this is an ongoing significant injustice, it will not get to the position to correct this sad, amoral and downright destructive state of affairs.

Jstice40 begins the process of reversing such unethical and un-American behavior and is a solid investment in a healthier, happier, more productive citizenry.

Sharon Furlong, spokeswoman; Bucks Enironmental Action

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