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Juried Art Show at Phillips’ Mill opens for submissions


The 93rd Juried Art Show at Phillips’ Mill, Bucks County’s historic art exhibition, will accept submissions from Aug. 1 through 31 via online registration on Smarter Entry.

Open to artists from within a 25-mile radius of the landmark mill in Solebury Township, Phillips’ Mill Community Association welcomes and encourages artists of all backgrounds, styles and interests to submit their work. This year’s exhibition will be held live at the mill as well as online, with all works for sale in both venues.

The juried show continues the legacy of William Lathrop, founder of the Phillips’ Mill Community Association who, along with artist friends including Daniel Garber, Fern Coppedge, and Edward Redfield, was devoted to exhibiting the art of their time, just as today’s juried show is committed to showing the art of ours.

The Art Show Committee is excited that jurying will once again take place in person at the mill. This has been a longtime tradition at Phillips’ mill, interrupted the past two years by the pandemic. “Having the jurors on-site to see the submitted works in person, to view the artwork in real light from every angle, to experience texture, brushwork, color, is something special in this day of online jurying,” said Mary Flamer, chair of the committee. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this to our submitting artists once again.”

Artists should note, however, that all registration must be done online prior to dropping their work off for jurying at the mill on receiving days, Sept. 9 and 10. The high-resolution images required for registration will facilitate the production of the show’s online component.

An all-new panel of judges will curate the show. Jurors of the Framed Painting and Graphics category will be Lauren Whearty, Peter Van Dyck and Douglas Martenson. Sculptors Syd Carpenter and Margherita Hagan will jury the Sculpture and Portfolio categories. Information and links to their websites can be found on the Phillips’ Mill website.

The Phillips’ Mill Art Committee prides itself on inviting a new panel of jurors each year, assuring that each exhibition presents a unique personality. The jurors are accomplished artists themselves, distinguished in their fields and diverse in their interests. Sometimes they are also curators, art historians or come from an academic background. Always, they work together to select from the hundreds of submissions received each year to produce a show representative of the creative spirit of the local community.

Details and instructions on how to submit to the show can be found in the Artists’ Prospectus available at The one-time registration fee of $35 covers submissions to all three categories. Members of Phillips’ Mill Community Association receive a 50% discount. Artists can join PMCA on the website prior to registering to take advantage of the member discount.

All artists who submit to the show, accepted or not, will receive an invitation to the opening night reception for patrons and artists, a gathering beneath lights and a tent on the mill’s back lawn each September.

To learn more about the art show, or to become a supporter, visit the show website at

Phillips’ Mill Community Association has been serving the local arts community since 1929. To learn more about its history and to become a member, visit

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