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Guest Opinion

John Cole for Tinicum Township supervisor


About 20 years ago a guy rode his bicycle up our driveway and introduced himself. His name was John Cole and he said he knew how to keep Tinicum from being developed, one property at a time.

We had never heard of a conservation easement and our visitor’s pitch sounded almost too good to be true. John made a few more bicycle visits over the following weeks, providing details and reference materials. He put us in touch with the Tinicum Conservancy to nail things down.

He didn’t do this for profit or power, only for our community that he passionately believes in. Because of John, our property is in a conservation easement, permanently protected from development and benefiting everyone with reduced impact on taxes, schools, roads and water resources. He is personally responsible for several other easements as well, protecting a significant part of Tinicum.

John is running for Tinicum supervisor in November’s election. His record of community service speaks for itself, but now is the time to give him well-deserved credit for the decades of work he’s quietly devoted to our township. We thank him for stepping up to serve in this important position.

Kurt and Leslie Heine live in Tinicum Township.

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