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“Jersey Boys” tribute set to benefit Washington Crossing Open Air Theater, NAMI Mercer County


A group of local New Jersey young adults has organized a Tribute Concert to The Four Seasons to benefit NAMI of Mercer County and the Washington Crossing Open Air Theater.
The show, which follows the soundtrack of the hit Broadway musical “Jersey Boys” and is performed, organized and orchestrated by these young adults, takes place at the Washington Crossing State Park Open Air Amphitheater in Titusville, N.J., at 6 p.m. June 25 and 26 and 3 p.m. June 27.
NAMI is a charity that works to promote mental health and stability for youth. The amphitheater was damaged by vandalism in the summer of 2019 and is need of repairs.
Early bird ticket sales are ongoing until the end of May. To purchase tickets, visit
To learn more about the cast, crew, and their stories, or to find the link to donate, visit

As the world has been faced with a global pandemic, Mya Corby, Emily Schneider, and Fabianna Rincon realized they would not be getting the senior year they had always dreamed of.
However, they wanted to make the best out of the year they were given and on a whim, they reached out to the producers and staff of the musical “Jersey Boys,” and were given the idea to put on a concert production of the show’s songs.
While this performance is not a production of the musical “Jersey Boys,” it is rather a tribute concert of songs by the Four Seasons following the show’s soundtrack. The girls have grown up listening to the music of the Four Seasons.
In addition to their passion for theater, they also take strong initiative in mental health advocacy. During their freshmen year, they lost one of their friends to suicide. She was very active in the theater community and played a role in each of their lives. They have since dedicated their work to the importance of Mental Health Awareness in their community.
With COVID preventing the park from getting the repairs it needed following the vandalism, and lack of visitors causing overgrowth as a consequence, the theater is in need of repairs and restoration and the young women hope funds from this show can help restore it.