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Jehovah’s Witnesses hold “Powerful by Faith!” global virtual convention


The largest convention organization in the world has moved its annual in-person event to a virtual format for the second time in as many years, canceling nearly 6,000 conventions in 240 lands, including one held in Philadelphia.
“Powerful by Faith!” is the theme of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ 2021 global event, which is being delivered in more than 500 languages to households around the globe over six weekends during July and August, uniting some 15 to 20 million people in 240 countries.
Since the convention is typically held from Friday through Sunday, the program is available in six installments corresponding to morning and afternoon sessions. Those sessions are available for streaming or downloading for free. They can be viewed unitedly by congregations around the globe at the time of release, or at a later time.
Elsa Barreto of Warminster has been attending conventions in the Philadelphia area since 1979. “For me, the summers in our area remind me of my husband’s fishing trips, getting together with family and friends and spiritual association,” said Barreto. “Attending the convention at the Liacouras Center was always a time to reflect on spiritual things and truly were the most enjoyable times of my life.
“Nothing has changed,” she added. “I really enjoy streaming the faith-strengthening program in the comfort of my home and still have wonderful spiritual association. It’s also encouraging to know that I’m joining the millions worldwide who will also be watching.”
All are invited to attend the event by going to on the web or JW Broadcasting on the free JW Library app available for iOS or Android, or on streaming platforms like ROKU TV, Apple TV, and others. The program is free and accessible to all.

The Friday morning and afternoon sessions are currently available for download and have been viewed by congregations around the globe.
The Saturday morning session became available for download July 19, and congregations around the globe will “unitedly be viewing the program” July 24 and 25.
The Saturday afternoon session will be available for download July 26, and congregations around the globe will view the program together July 31 to Aug. 1.
The Sunday morning session will be available for download Aug. 9, and congregations around the globe will view the program together Aug. 14 and 15; the Sunday afternoon session will be available for download Aug. 16, and congregations around the globe will view the program together Aug. 21 and 22.
“Faith has helped our global brotherhood to continue to thrive even during a pandemic,” said Robert Hendriks, U.S. spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Our faith will continue to unite us in worship – even virtually – as millions gather in private homes around the world to enjoy a powerful and inspiring spiritual program.”
For information, contact Jehovah’s Witnesses United States at 718-560-5600 or To watch a video about the conference, visit