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Jehovah’s Witnesses event focuses on women in the Bible


“Powerful by Faith!” is the theme of the 2021 Jehovah’s Witness global event, delivered over six weekends during July and August online. The third day of programming, dedicated to women of strong faith, is now available for streaming or download.
The program will emphasize faith, including how modern-day Christians can learn the quality from notable women of the Bible.

“Women have often been put down and overlooked,” said Nadine Stein, who attends the Warminster Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. “But the Bible treats women as equals in faith, showing that God values them greatly. I’m excited to see that the convention will honor women, including some who showed strong faith despite very challenging circumstances.”
Visit on the web or JW Broadcasting on the free JW Library app available for iOS or Android, or on streaming platforms such as ROKU TV, Apple TV and others. The program is free.