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Jamison native selected for economic education program


Devon Kahley, a junior at Valley Forge Military Academy, has been granted a full scholarship to attend Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week 2019 on the campus of Lycoming College.

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a weeklong economic education program that offers students an inside look at the private enterprise system and the way the free market functions.

Kahley, the son of Jeannie Kahley and Gary Brenner of Jamison, will attend week three of the five on-week sessions offered this summer on the campus of Lycoming.

Pennsylvania teachers and counselors recommend the candidates who are reviewed by the PFEW staff. Admission is based on motivation to learn that is demonstrated through essays submitted by the applicants.

During the week, students form companies that compete against other student companies for the equivalent of three years using a college level simulation. Business volunteers serve as company advisors who mentor the students as they face many of the same decisions real executives confront every day.

The companies compete against each other in the areas of management skill, return on net assets, a marketing and advertising campaign and a presentation to stockholders. Company advisors do not make decisions for their team but suggest available options and share their own experience and challenges. Scholarship winners learn the value of teamwork, communication, cooperation and leadership.

Dozens of speakers present seminars and discussions covering topics like the relationships of business with labor, government and consumers. The students also hear talks about business ethics, management and leadership skills, the economic system future, the global marketplace, money and banking, business operations, careers in business, marketable skills and much more.

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is funded, taught and staffed by the Pennsylvania business community.