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Guest Opinion

Is a 40% salary hike for Abram Lucabaugh too much?


There are multiple studies published linking a high performing school board and a high performing school district with the district’s superintendent as the cornerstone of the school board. The Central Bucks School District (CBSD) is the major draw for many families to move here. Our performance on the state’s standardized PSSA and SAT are far above the state and national levels, 88% attend four-year universities, two-year/technical schools, 321 summa cum laude, 210 magna cum laude, 94 cum laude, and our MBIT students have all found employment or will continue their education. We are a top performing school district and the second largest employer in Bucks County.

A higher salary reflects the value placed on the role of a superintendent and signals a commitment to investing in the district’s educational excellence. This level of compensation acknowledges the immense responsibility and accountability that comes with the position and incentivizes the superintendent to perform at his best.

Moreover, it communicates to the entire community that the district is serious about performance and providing the necessary resources to achieve that goal.

A superintendent who feels well-compensated and appreciated is more likely to stay committed to the district. Long-term leadership provides stability and continuity, allowing for the implementation and assessment of long-term strategies that can positively impact student outcomes. CBSD has had five superintendents since 2012. We cannot continue performing at a high level if the CEO of the organization continues to change and this new contract should give great pause to any school district that is considering knocking on Abram Lucabaugh’s door to recruit him.

Lucabaugh’s new salary will ensure he is focused on educational innovation and strategic planning, to continue the development and implementation of progressive educational initiatives that cater to the unique needs of students, boost engagement, and improve overall academic performance.

With all that said, Dr. Lucabaugh is a terrific asset to our school district but, as I have done in the past while serving on the Central Bucks School Board, I would have strongly advocated for an equitable solution for the school district and ensured the voices and best interests of the taxpayers were an integral part of the negotiations.

Glenn Schloeffel is running for Central Bucks School Board in Region 3.

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