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In Doylestown Township, Lyons is chair, Manion vice chair


Monday may have been day six of 2020, but it was the start to the new year for local municipalities, including Doylestown Township.

As the law dictates, all municipal boards met on the first Monday of the month to swear in newly elected officials, along with selecting their leadership for the new year.

Barbara Lyons was reelected chair of the board, and Ryan Manion vice chair, but not before Supervisor Jennifer V. Herring put herself forth to be nominated for vice chairman.

“I believe the township deserves somebody who will be here regularly,” she said. “The fact is that Supervisor Manion hasn’t had the best attendance record when it comes to meetings, only attending about 50 percent of her committee meetings, where the rest of the board supervisors attend somewhere between 90 and 100 percent,” she said.

She continued: “... I believe it’s in the best interest of the township to have somebody here that’ll actually tend to their responsibilities.”

Lyons said that she herself rarely misses meetings, but added she is very confident that in the event that she couldn’t be there, Manion would be there in her position.

“Ryan is very responsible,” Lyons said.

While Manion chose not to respond to Herring’s comments during the meeting, she contacted the Bucks County Herald by email after the meeting.

“I have proudly served on this board for eight years and it is an honor to serve my community,” she wrote. “This is not the first time that Supervisor Herring has chosen to publicly attack me at a supervisors meeting and I again took the high road by not dignifying her with a response, which wastes time and efforts towards the bigger issues that concern our township. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as vice chair.”

Lyons thanked the board for another year to serve as chair.

“I appreciate the vote of confidence in selecting me as chairman and I vow to be worthy of this position,” she said.

Judge Maggie Snow swore in new board members Republican Nancy Santacecilia and Democrat Dan Wood.

Board members also were assigned liaison roles to the township’s various volunteer committees.

• Wood, Agricultural Security Advisory Board, Environmental Advisory Council, Public Water and Sewer Advisory Board, roads and bridges

• Lyons, Personnel and Administration, director of Public Safety, Municipal Authority.

• Manion, Friends of Kids Castle, Parks and Recreation, Traffic Advisory board.

• Herring, Parks and Recreation, Telecommunications Advisory Board, Planning Commission, Open Space and Farmland Preservation, Ways and Means.

• Santacecilia, Bike and Hike, Dog Park, Planning Commission, Telecommunications.

Board members also approved 19 township appointments starting with Township Manger Stephanie Mason and ending with traffic engineer Matt Johnston.

The board’s next meeting is 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21.