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Letters to the Herald

If it’s broke, fix it


The saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But the Republican Party is broken. So if Republicans ever want to deserve our vote, they must fix their broken party.

Many are fond of saying that Congress is broken, and blame both parties. But consider the House Republicans’ vote on helping the courageous people of Ukraine in the fight for their lives. A majority of them (112 to 101) voted “No,” while all Democrats (210) voted “Yes.”

Why should anyone be deluded that the broken Republican Party can be trusted — for anything?

At Donald Trump’s command they killed the bill to strengthen our southern border. Instead of voting to impeach Trump, who conspired to overturn the legal results of the 2020 Election, the “moderate” “problem solver” Member of Congress for PA1, Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, voted “No” to impeachment. Then he voted “Yes” to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security who is even now hamstrung by Republicans’ failure to support border security.

The people of PA1 deserve a Representative in Congress who they can trust. The only way to fix the mess the Republicans have made in Washington is to elect Democrats like Ashley Ehasz, who was trusted to lead her soldiers in combat, and who will be a trustworthy leader to represent the people of PA1 in Congress.

She will be true to her word, will listen to her constituents, and most importantly, will be true to the Oath of Office she will take when she is sworn in as a Member of Congress.

Joe Sundeen, Lower Makefield

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