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Hunterdon County monitoring Tropical Storm Isaias

The Hunterdon County Office of Emergency Management is monitoring Tropical Storm Isaias. Forecast impacts to New Jersey including heavy rain, flooding and strong winds are possible from late Monday into Wednesday. Hunterdon County is working with allied agencies at the local and state levels of government, private sector partners, and nongovernmental support organizations.

Given the presence of COVID-19, everyone is encouraged to review and update their personal preparedness plans and kits. Those in areas prone to flooding or unable to shelter in place during times of power disruption should make every effort to secure personal arrangements including staying with family or friends, or hotel accommodations.
Turning to a shelter this hurricane season should be an absolute last resort due to the presence of COVID-19 illness in the community and throughout the country. Additionally, many government agencies have visitor restrictions in place for their buildings, or limitations imposed to ensure social distancing.
Facilities traditionally used as locations in which the public could charge phones or access computers for information may not be made available. Family members and neighbors should be prepared to maintain contact with the elderly and those in vulnerable populations.
Personal preparedness kits should be updated to include face masks or face coverings, soap and/or hand sanitizer, and various disinfecting supplies.
If you encounter flooded roadways, remember to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.” Never enter flood waters.
Register cell phone numbers and email accounts in the Hunterdon County Community Alerts notification system by visiting the county website to create a profile, or by contacting Hunterdon Helpline at (908) 782-4357 or 1 (800) 272-4630.
Vulnerable populations can register for assistance through the New Jersey Special Needs registry, “Register Ready” by visiting or the county website’s homepage, or contacting Hunterdon Helpline.