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Letters to the Herald

How has Fitzpatrick kept his promises on guns?


The following are quotations from Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s present website: “No more finger pointing. Now more than ever, we need leadership that focuses on finding solutions and getting things done. That is the attitude I have brought to Congress, as it reflects the values of our community.”

The first of the issues he presents on the website is “Protecting our Families.”

I call upon Rep. Fitzpatrick to now account to us, his constituents, how he has converted this “attitude” into action, into “getting things done” to “protect our families” against the horrific violence with guns in our schools, our places of worship, at community events, in our stores, on our streets and in our homes?

Specifically, how do you deserve your NRA rating? You are correct, finger pointing is not acceptable.

What have you done? What are you doing? What are you going to do to justify our confidence in you as a leader?

Charlie Huchet, New Hope

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