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Horsham medical device manufacturer adds hand sanitizer to product line


Bio/Data Corporation, a local medical device manufacturer in Horsham, announces the addition of Select Hand Sanitizer to its product line.

Select Hand Sanitizer is manufactured using the formulation published by the World Health Organization and authorized by the US FDA for use during the public health emergency. The active ingredient is isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and is certified to contain the alcohol concentration known to be effective for killing and removing disease causing agents from your hands. IPA-based hand sanitizers are recommended for use when soap and water are not available or practical for hand asepsis.

This approved formulation does not contain any artificial colors, gels, scents, antibiotics, or other materials, which the US FDA has recently warned can make hand sanitizers unsafe and may reduce the concentration of alcohol to ineffective levels. Similar concerns have also been raised about ethanol- based hand sanitizers for these same reasons and because their odor and packaging make them appear to be safe to drink. Select Hand Sanitizer uses only the WHO and FDA approved ingredients, eliminating toxicity and carcinogenicity that often result from the use of chemical additives for scent, color, and viscosity. The rapid evaporation that occurs during hand rubbing means no residual ingredient is left behind on the surface of the hands. It is also hypoallergenic.

During this public health emergency, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are experiencing difficulties purchasing authorized IPA alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Bio/Data felt a responsibility to its customers and laboratories to help maintain a safe working environment and to protect hospital staff and patients by adapting its manufacturing capabilities to produce SELECT Hand Sanitizer for laboratory, healthcare, and personal use.