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Hopewell Valley Arts pandemic project bolsters spirits

Since early April, the Hopewell Valley Arts Council and more than 40 of its members and local artists have been providing their creative images for “Thinking of You” cards to some of those in the community most in need of healing and human connection.
So far, the organization has delivered more than 420 cards created by 42 participating artists.
“We all have a role we can play during this health crisis,” said Carol Lipson, HV Arts Council executive director. “The phrase ‘it takes a village’ is more true now than ever.
“Artists and creative individuals’ unique talents can have a positive and palpable impact on the mental health of a community through the sharing of art.”
HV Arts Council “Thinking of You” cards contain cheerful artwork created by local artists and printed by Lipson, who cuts them out and ties on a colorful ribbon.
Cards are then included in food packages distributed by the new Hopewell Valley Mobile Food Pantry, in meal packages delivered by F.I.S.H. (Friends in Service Here) / Meals on Wheels to home-bound individuals in Hopewell Valley, and to senior residents at Brandywine Living Pennington.
“They really brightened up many residents’ doors ... and a few used them for bookmarkers,” wrote Hilary Murray, director of Community Relations for Brandywine Living Pennington. “We will all get through this unusual time together, and it’s moments like these that we look to our neighbors for hope, and with gratitude.”
“We’re feeding the body, and you’re feeding the soul,” Pennington Mayor and HV Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator Joe Lawver said of the project.
“As long as the food pantry exists, we will provide the cards each week,” Lipson said. “Until Brandywine Living Pennington can receive visitors, we will continue every other week. We’re working to simply bring a smile to a face or inspire hope with reminders of the beauty of life.”
Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, HV Arts Council has provided virtual community outreach through its website and social media - including its Daily Dose of Art - that offers everyday artistic inspiration for young and old, cabin-fever busting activities and services and information for artists. Visit