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Letters to the Herald

Honor the VIA with a monument


Since the turn of the 19th century no individual or institution has had a more positive impact on the community than the remarkable ladies of the Village Improvement Association. Among other things, the progressive women of the V.I.A. started Doylestown Emergency Hospital in 1923. That was an incredible accomplishment especially when you consider that women couldn’t even vote at that time.

Profit wasn’t ever a consideration, but the influence to make positive things happen was. They became seriously polished lobbyists using their wits and even a little old fashion arm twisting to get done what they wanted to get done. They accomplished a lot.

After 100 years the V.I.A. is a much different organization in 2024. Evolution was inevitable. It’s time for that trailblazing group to be celebrated for operating the only hospital in the country owned by women.

Building a permanent monument or structure that celebrates their contributions to the community over the generations seems like a Doylestown kind of thing to do.

It should be a substantial size in a prominent space. And it should tell the story. Having a design competition that stipulates the artist or architect be local would be a great way to generate interest.

Robert Larsen, Doylestown Borough

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