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Car impounded in Bensalem fatal hit and run


A car believed to be involved in the fatal crash that killed a 14-year-old boy on Street Road in Bensalem July 6 has been impounded, but the investigation into who was driving it is continuing.

Bensalem Sgt. Glenn Vandegrift said police were able to trace the gray 2010 Honda Accord backward from the site of the crash using video cameras and license plate readers. “We lost sight of it after the crash,” he said Tuesday.

Vandegrift said police served a warrant to seize the vehicle and inspect it.

“We’ve spoken with people who live at the residence” where the car was registered, he said, adding, “We’re still investigating who the driver was at the time of the crash.”

Bensalem Police sought the public’s help finding the car and driver in connection with the crash soon after it happened.

At that time, Vandegrift said the boy was in the middle of the road when he was struck in the westbound lanes of Street Road just before reaching the Route 1 overpass around 10:15 p.m.

Vandegrift said the boy was one of two 14-year-old boys who were in the middle of the road, mid-block, in the dark, and they were not near an intersection or a crosswalk.

The boy who died may have been knocked down by the car police were seeking and was then hit by a second car, Vandegrift said at the time.

“We’re not saying the driver of the first vehicle was the cause of the crash. We just want to talk to that person,” Vandegrift said then.

“The causation of the crash is on the children being in the roadway, not on the drivers,” he added.

A minute before the crash, Vandegrift said, a third vehicle had to brake hard and swerve around the boys in the roadway. Following that, Vandegrift said, “they continued to play in the roadway.”

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