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Letters to the Herald

Hiring PR firm aka “Lipstick on a pig”


You can’t change the decisions made this year with a $15K a month spinmaster.

Canceling a trip to the Holocaust Museum? Reviewing the inclusion a book in the library if a parent objects? Central Bucks state ranking has been dropping like a stone and the actions of the school board lately will drop it even lower.

This decisions are especially disappointing given that we are all writing big checks to pay for such lunacy. We are now on national news thanks to some of the decisions.

I will not just tear down what is going on, there are more sane solutions out there and here are some of mine.

1. Publish a phone number and/or email account for every board member to be given to every taxpayer in their zone. They will then know what their constituency thinks and maybe affect the next election.

2. Every parent should know what library books their children are reading and if there is a problem it can be handled by the parent.

3. Instead of $15K a month to a PR firm, every board member could hold monthly focus meetings with random constituents invited. Outside problem influencers’ and biased groups’ effect would be minimized. Put out a cookie tray and some drinks. Save a few thousand and use information instead of spin.

Randall Cohen, Chalfont