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Heritage Conservancy welcomes William Kunze as new president and CEO


Heritage Conservancy has hired a new president and CEO.
William (Bill) Kunze brings extensive knowledge and experience to this role and is looking forward to furthering Heritage Conservancy’s mission of land conservation and historic preservation throughout the region. He is set to assume the post in mid-October.
With over 15 years of service at The Nature Conservancy (TNC), both as executive director of TNC’s Pennsylvania Chapter and in national roles, Kunze has a deep understanding of land conservation-related issues, challenges, and opportunities. As a Yale Law School graduate, with experience as a management consultant and government leader, he also brings to the table broad organizational experience and knowledge of legal matters.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Bill Kunze as our new president and CEO,” said Heritage Conservancy Board Chair Stephen Phillips. “Bill has an exceptional background, which makes him well positioned to lead us into an even brighter future.”
“At The Nature Conservancy I worked to advance conservation not only by accelerating the time-honored activity of directly protecting special places,” Kunze said, “but also by exploring new directions to engage communities and the broader economy in conservation. My aspiration is for Heritage Conservancy to be an exemplar of what a successful conservation nonprofit looks and acts like, not just for the region but for the country...”