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Heritage Conservancy, Warrington Township land tree-planting grants from Horticultural Society


Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Aqua Pennsylvania have announced $210,000 in tree-planting grants to local environmental groups under the renamed “Trees for Watersheds” program.

Heritage Conservancy received two project grants. A grant also went to Warrington Township, according to a statement from the horticultural society.

Formally known as “TreeVitalize Watersheds,” the “Trees for Watersheds” program helps recipients plant trees and shrubs along waterways and in other areas to help keep them clean.

Since 2005, PHS has collaborated with local partners to reforest riparian buffers. Program grantees planted more than 213,000 native trees and shrubs in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Increased tree canopy helps improve both water and air quality. It also enhances open space and improves wildlife habitat.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the ‘Trees for Watersheds’ program alongside Aqua and our other partners,” said PHS President Matt Rader in a statement. “By supporting local communities in planting trees in these crucial watershed areas, we’re not only ensuring cleaner water for all, but also creating vital wildlife habitat and advancing health and well-being for all.”

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