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Herald visitors


Two Marines stopped by the Bucks County Herald office to drop off Marine Corps swag gear to share with the employees of the Herald. The Marines wanted to thank the Herald for working with them to spread local knowledge of what the Marine Corps provides for the local community and how Marines make a positive impact in communities across the country. The Marines also wanted to see how they can be of assistance with the local media to help promote a better community. RSS Bucks County is looking to get more involved in the local community and with community events. From left are Sgt. Jonathan Slater, recruiter with Recruiting Substation (RSS) Bucks County, Recruiting Station (RS) Harrisburg and Cpl. Andrew J. Smith, marketing and communication chief with RS Harrisburg, Katelynn Cifelli, Herald sales coordinator with Luke, and Ron Dacanay, a Navy veteran and the Herald’s design director.