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Haycock sets date for Spotted Lanternfly update


An update on coping with the Spotted Lanternfly menace will be held Monday, March 18 at 6:30 p.m., at the Haycock Township Community Center (HTCC), according to an announcement by the township board of supervisors at the Feb. 4 meeting.

In an update on her presentation at the HTCC last year, Dr. Amy Korman, extension educator, horticulture/green industry, Penn State Extension, is expected to cover new developments in research, among other topics. Korman earned her Ph.D in entomology, which is the study of insects. Categorized as an “invasive species,” the Spotted Lanternfly presents special challenges as an organism that is not part of the natural ecosystem, which features its own built-in checks and balances for insects and other life forms.

Also at the meeting, officials said they were hopeful they could catch up this spring on treatment of their dirt and gravel roads, which has fallen behind under the special state program designed to prevent harmful runoff into local streams.

In particular, the 2017 plan to treat all of Churchview Drive, and the 2018 plan to treat a section of Creamery Road, have not been fulfilled, primarily due to lack of availability of the special Driving Surface Aggregate (DSA) stone mixture that is the main component of the treatment. The DSA has to be tested and certified by the state, and a batch being held for local supply by a quarry became “contaminated” by other stone material, rendering it unusable.

There is also competition for DSA among local municipalities that have the few dirt and gravel roads left in the county. The Haycock Road Crew is prepared for the task, including special training to apply the material 6 to 8 inches deep, roll it in, and then spray with suppressant oil. Grant money supports the work, and if deadlines are not met, the township may need to re-apply for the money.

Meanwhile, advertising for bids for regular road work for 2019 was approved by the supervisors. In addition to the usual oil and chip sealcoating for paved road preservation, this year’s program includes new paving for about a mile of Haycock Run Road.