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Haycock okays preservation of 34-acre tract


A unique Haycock Township property, bought by the neighbors after the longtime owners passed away, is going to be preserved in perpetuity, as arranged by the township and the Heritage Conservancy.

The preservation plan, which includes a donation from the township, was approved at the Feb. 3 public meeting of the township’s board of supervisors.

As presented by Supervisor Henry DePue, the 34-acre tract on Deerwood Lane, owned by John and Martha Nance for many years, includes a swampy area that was planted with a stand of now mature cypress trees. The new owners, also of the neighboring Meyer/Noberini property, agreed to a “bargain sale” proposal from the conservancy’s Laura Baird.

Her request for additional funding through a $1,000 donation by the township was approved, after DePue noted the township had made similar donations for other preservation arrangements.

Also at the Feb. 3 meeting, Roadmaster Dave Long reported some degree of cooperation from township property owners in keeping tall bamboo stands from leaning into thoroughfares during winter weather events, blocking traffic. While the road crew can also assist with the problem, they are hopeful more property owners will pitch in as well.

The highly invasive plant, whose horizontal, rhizome root systems make it especially difficult to control, has been the subject of new ordinance regulation in other townships in the county.

In addition, supervisors approved a resolution authorizing “small borrowing” of $165,000 for a new dump truck, under the state’s Local Government Unit Debt Act. The low-interest loan payments through the act have been an affordable means for the township to make similar major capital purchases.

Using their own budget funds, supervisors approved an oil and chip sealcoating contract, with Asphalt Maintenance Solutions of Emmaus, for township roads for 2020. They had previously approved, at their Jan. 6 meeting, fundraising soliciting permission for Austin Hunsberger’s Eagle Scout Project, which is some rehab work for the playground at the Haycock Township Community Center on Old Bethlehem Road.

Longtime resident Bob Sheets, who served on the township’s planning commission for over a decade, died on Jan. 31.