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Grateful and hopeful for stormwater relief


We never doubted the power of a local community to support its neighbors, but when Hurricane Ida left a wake of destruction in Carversville last Sept. 1, neighbors’ responses were simply amazing.

Thirty to forty neighbors turned out the next morning and the following days to help shovel mud out of houses, haul ruined furniture and belongings into dumpsters, scrub walls, floors and anything that could be salvaged. Others shared their tractors, wheelbarrows, tools, shop-vacs, power washers, dehumidifiers and other equipment to help with the process.

Still others brought food and offered respites in their homes and spaces for what could be salvaged. We remain grateful and thankful.

There is only so much owners and neighbors can do to prevent a similar disaster. We can clear culverts on the side of roads; and we have. We can clear trees and debris blocking the creeks’ flow, and we have. We can’t on our own improve our ancient stormwater infrastructure that was further compromised with tons of additional gravel from Ida. That’s where we hoped elected officials would help.

Our Township Supervisors say they can’t do anything to improve our town’s stormwater infrastructure. We’re still waiting to see if the pledges from our congressman and state senator actually result in improvements.

While some efforts appear to have been made, there are still no tangible results one year later.

We see local and state governments securing money to improve sidewalks or buy open lands, so can only wonder why more can’t be done to protect residents’ lives and properties.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Ida, we hope that Carversville’s and other villages’ needed stormwater improvements are not forgotten.

Doug Shaw, Carversville