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Gov. Wolf signs child marriage ban, psychology compact bills


Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law House Bill 360, which sets 18 as the minimum age to obtain a marriage license and extends the time period for child care and school employees to obtain their criminal Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background certifications.

“Setting the minimum age to obtain a marriage license will help prevent child exploitation,” said Gov. Wolf. “Marriage is a sacred and serious commitment that should be undertaken with love by two adults, not by children being exploited by unscrupulous adults.”

Wolf also signed into law Senate Bill 67, which amends regulations to expand the availability of psychological services through telemedicine.

“The COVID-19 crisis has reduced Pennsylvanians’ ability to meet in-person with a therapist during a time when they are facing life changes, stress, and grief,” said Wolf. “Senate Bill 67 will allow Pennsylvanians to more easily access psychological services for mental wellness while supporting physical health through social distancing.”