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New Hope-Solebury real estate taxes are reasonable


I read the (Jan. 5 opinion piece in the Herald concerning taxes and spending in New Hope-Solebury schools and was alarmed. I consulted my own tax records, reviewed board meeting minutes and recordings and researched Our tax rate is 109.23410. That millage rate (part of the equation for figuring out my taxes) is the lowest in Bucks County. Google led me to statewide property tax info and I found a 2019 article from The Morning Call that said “The lowest regional rate…is shared by three districts: New Hope-Solebury and Palisades in Bucks County; and Upper Merion Area in Montgomery.” These are the lowest three tax millage rates in this state of 300 school districts.

This year, the school board kept our tax increase at 1 percent Part of balancing that budget was the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars saved thanks to our school board refinancing bonds. The discussion at a school board meeting late last year stated that the board hopes to limit next year’s tax increase to 2% instead of the state-authorized 4.1%. And I, for one, appreciate them for considering it again.

A random house in North Pointe recently sold for $682,600 per The recorded taxes were $7,319. If that North Pointe listing pays 2% more in taxes, it’ll be paying an extra $143.50 next year. Just over $10 a month.

Considering the cost of milk, eggs, pencils, fuel, building materials, health care, etc. has gone up enough to be reported in the news, I’m O.K. with that. Not to mention the value of my home has increased significantly year over year, thanks in part to a Blue Ribbon school, two “Teacher of the Year” nominees and plans to increase the value of our district by improving the grounds and sports fields while investing in maintenance and utilizing other cost-saving grants. These aren’t to benefit students of today, but in the future.

All of this will bring more quality employees and educators to our district, not to mention students, athletes and their families. To imply that our current board is only interested in “spending as much money as they can for their children” is a hollow insult. Especially if you look at their track record of fiscal responsibility. No one likes to pay taxes, but we pay less than anyone around.

A grant for artwork? Over $1 million donated for a stadium? Huge grants for a new STEAM lab? Our district is being sought out for significant donations because of what our community is. The majority of these projects don’t unfairly burden the taxpayer, they just benefit the taxpayer. You don’t have kids in the district? You still benefit.

Allison Glickman lives in Solebury.

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