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Glencairn opens castle for glassblowing tours, demonstrations


In the early 20th century, when Raymond Pitcairn asked the artists and glass craftsmen he brought together in Bryn Athyn to reproduce portions of authentic medieval stained glass windows for Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Glencairn Museum, he was instrumental in reviving a centuries’ old skill-set that many had thought was lost.

Today, dedicated men and women are studying the techniques of making glass, learning the old methods, adapting it to current equipment and demands, and sharing it as educators and artisans, ensuring that the craft lives on.

This month, Glencairn Museum presents a special opportunity to study the castle’s medieval and 20th-century reproduction stained glass window; then see how a 21st-century glassblower duplicates the ancient skills to create the brilliant colors and clarity that have astounded visitors to European cathedrals – and to Bryn Athyn’s own beautiful buildings.

For information on tours and demonstrations scheduled for Oct. 18 to 30, visit or call 267-502-2990 to reserve spot.

Glencairn Museum is at 1001 Cathedral Road, Bryn Athyn.