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Letters to the Herald

Ghost gun ban mustn’t die in the PA Senate


We should all thank the PA House, and Representative Kathleen Tomlinson for coming together and passing House Bill 777 to ban ghost guns.

The recent Falls Township triple shooting involved a ghost gun, and this happened only 15 minutes from my home. I had thought I lived in a safe neighborhood.

I am very, very pleased about the PA House taking action on gun safety legislation, but very very displeased with the lack of action the PA Senate leadership and PA Senator Frank Farry are showing. Please call your state senator to urge them to support the gun safety legislation bills HB 714 (Universal Background Checks), HB 1018 (Extreme Risk Protection Orders), and HB 777 (Ban Ghost Guns).

Please don’t let more Pennsylvanians die by letting the Pennsylvania Senate let the gun safety legislation bills die.

Mike Katsoff, Bensalem

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