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Getting through a pandemic, one purr at a time: Tabby’s Place brings hope, peace

In a time of vast uncertainty, you can count on one thing: pets bring peace. Tabby’s Place is delivering the unique charm and calming comfort of its cats to the public. Through a number of free programs, the Ringoes, N.J., cat sanctuary is spreading love and joy to anyone in need of (virtual) cat cuddles.

Looking to lose yourself in a haven of hope … filled with over 100 cats? Enjoy a virtual tour, In need of feline inspiration, humor and uplift? Read the Tabby’s Place blog, Aching for the good medicine that only goofy cat photos can bring? Make your way to Tabby’s Place’s Facebook page,

And if you’re personally affected by COVID-19, you can request a “video visit” with a cat of your choice (