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Frenchtown shows its love for local photographer


Over 200 guests from the Frenchtown, N.J., community, artists and neighboring art associations came together to celebrate “community spirit working together to support one of our own” – beloved photographer Bill Brokaw.

Makers Alley, The Mix, The Photographers Group and Edible Underground joined forces with the community for the Bill Brokaw Fundraiser silent and live auction at Darcy Lodge on April 23.

Over 140 items were donated, many by established and emerging artists. In addition other non-art-related items, including gift baskets, services and gift certificates, were donated by Frenchtown businesses in support of the effort.

In addition to the silent and live auction, the event featured hors d’oeuvres, cash bar and music.

Photographs by Sue Ellen Miller

1. Daniel McKinnon and Jen Finocchio.

2. Henry Alcalay and Scott Sheldon.

3. Tracy and Bill Ivie.

4. Betty Saum.

5. Eric and Grace Fiorito.

6. Shannon O’Connell and Emily Seville.

7. Joe Strasser and Leo Locke.

8. Mary Schwartzenberger and Skye Cooper Rainey.

9. Suzanne Bodine.

10. Mike Tyksinski, Jennifer Hason and Lisa Frederick.

11. Dan Cass.

12. Amy Rosi and Peter Rosenthal.

13. Amy Horton, Noelle Mills and Cay Maria Adams.

14. Rita Gekht and Karl Bernhardt, auctioneer.